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The Lodge on Main Packages

Floor Plan

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About The Entire Facility Rental

The Magnolia Room Specs:

  • 1,431 sf

  • 27 x 52, approx

  • Fire Code Guest Capacity:

    • 96 = 12- 60" round tables of 8 guests each​

    • 204 = Chairs Only

    • 286 = Standing Only

The Gardenia Room Specs:

  • 702 sf

  • 24 x 23, approx

  • Fire Code Guest Capacity:

    • 48 = 4- 60" round tables of 8 guests each​

    • 100 = Chairs Only

    • 140 = Standing Only

Sometimes you just need a bit more space! 

Maybe you have a fantastic buffet or food stations that require set up in it's own room; or maybe you have 150 guests you need seating for; or maybe your event needs designated spaces for different activities - all these and more can be accomplished by renting all three rooms in our package. 

Packages include the Magnolia Room, Gardenia Room and the Commercial Kitchen - the entire 1st floor of the venue. 

All decor and fixtures from all rooms will be available to you so you can set-up the space any way you want! 

Included with your Rental:

  • Mantle, rug, trunk, foot stool, rocking chair vignette (Magnolia)

  • Vintage church pew

  • (2) Rectangle Farm table on casters

  • Round pedestal table on casters

  • 13 ft built-in buffet/bar

  • Assorted tri-fold screens for backdrops or dividing the space

  • Galvanized centerpiece containers

  • LED Candles

  • Burlap Table Runners

  • 30" round entry table

  • 4 bar stools

  • Mantle, rug, rocking chair vignette (Gardenia)

  • Buffet/Sideboard table on casters

  • (2) White Screens on casters for backdrops or dividing the space

  • Table Top Step Ladder for food display

  • Other assorted Decor items

  • Serving Trays, Dishes and Stands

  • 3 tier Step Ladder for food/gift display

  • Chicken Wire photo displays

  • Chalkboards

  • and more!

Package Rental Rates
Entire Facility Packages:
Packages include rental of entire facility (Magnolia Room, Gardenia Room & Commercial Kitchen)
Total Rental Fee:

4hr Package w/All Rooms: Magnolia & Gardenia Rms + Shared Kitchen:

(Value: $300 + $200 + $50= $550)


1 Full Day & Full Night - Wedding Package: (16hrs)

(Value: $75/hr + $50/hr x 16 hrs + $50= $2050)


Full Day/Night PLUS Night Before:  (Value: $2,500)

Weekend Day Rental from 8am-11:59pm PLUS the night before starting at event 8pm - 12 midnight


Full Day/Night PLUS Half-Day Before:  (Value: $3,100)

Weekend Day Rental from 8am-11:59pm PLUS the Day before starting at 3pm - 12 midnight


2 Full Days: All Day/Night Rental for Friday AND Saturday:  All Day Rental for Both Days with All rooms + Kitchen: (Value: $4,100)

This option allows you to set up for rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dinner, set up for wedding the night before (after dinner), wedding on Saturday and reception all evening Saturday night


Commercial Kitchen Rental
Total Rental Fee:

$50 ONE TIME fee - added-on for Magnolia Room Rental 

(not available with Gardenia Room Rental)

$50 One Time Fee

Shared Commercial Kitchen - Stand-alone rental of kitchen only:  Ask for details.

Ask for Details

*NOTE: An on-site caterer rents the kitchen daily. Rental guests & caterer may share space during your event. All will share use of the refrigerator, freezer, gas stove/oven & counter space.  All attempts made to allow you to have kitchen only, yet ‘sharing’ may occur. 

  • All Holidays and surrounding dates will be charged as “Weekend Rates” regardless of day of week. 

  • If renting just one room per your rental time, adjoining room may be rented out to another party.

  • If you rent the Gardenia Room only (Smaller Room), you will not have access to the kitchen or use of kitchen accessories including the refrigerator and/or freezer.

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